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What is Options Trading?

The Ability to control the value of 100 shares of any Security (Company) for a fraction of the cost, which allows you to receive profit 10 times faster.

Course Offered

Intro to Options Trading

  • Hour and a half lesson

  • In depth explanation of options trading

Solomon Trade Experience -  Full Course

  • One class a week for four weeks

  • In-depth walkthrough of options trading

  • One time fee 


Check out our students profits and the result you can obtain with the Solomon Trade Experience. 

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Destiny Wiggins

''This experience has changed my life completely ! My mindset , my habits , and most importantly my POCKETS . it’s a euphoric feeling being able to say that before I turned 20 years old was able to use this solution in my favor to buy my own apartment & quit my job ! I live life HOW I WANT ! Being my own boss is probably the best thing that has ever happen to me . THANKS SOLOMON TRADING EXPERIENCE! ''

- Destiny W 20 Years old 

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Melvin Ramirez

'' I was on the phone talking about option trading to my lady when Jamal Solomon stop me and said “I got to tighten you up a little” I told him I want to learn. He showed me everything that I needed to learn. I started with $800 and made well over 5k in a month. So anyone that wants to learn or needs to learn I recommend you taking his class. I’m still learning and I call or text him and he responds with no problem. We consider ourselves family because there’s a whole group of good people that help each other out. No such thing as a dumb question.''


Esmerlin Valdez

“ My journey has been an interesting one, for year’s I had worked multiple jobs barely having time for my daughter, myself or any relationship I often found myself looking for a way out of a life where financial freedom seemed foreign. I met Mr. Solomon and was introduced to what I would say has been the turning point in my life, I invested $906 within 3 months I made my yearly salary I haven’t worked any job since then is now going on 2 years. I now own my own business funded by my trading account. I live a life of FREEDOM thanks to STE “