Solomon Trade Experience

  Intro Course

     Here at the Solomon Trade Experience we want all our potential clients to be fully informed, so we offer an intro course, the intro course is designed to give you some great insight as to what it is to be an Options Trader.

During this course you will learn the following: 

  • What is an option?

  • How to read an options contact.

  • How long, on average it takes me to be profitable.

  • An overview of the charts and tools I use when conducting research.

     Upon completion of this course you will have a better understanding as to how Options Trading works and how you could also use this skill on your journey to financial freedom.

30 Day Course

       Solomon Trade Experiences’ 30 Day Course is designed to teach anyone to trade in 30 days. The Course is one class a week, once a week for 30 days.    


  • Class one is focused on several vocabulary words, learning to read Candle Sticks and identifying trends in the market.

  • Class two consist of the next section of vocabulary, reading of an Options Contract and the first half of the research process; finding companies that have been preforming well over the past year, then proceed to finding how much we want to pay per options contact.


  • Class Three focuses primarily on charts. You will use all the previous gained knowledge and apply it to reading the charts. Planning your entry and exit points, buying low, selling high and learning how to apply the same tools I use every day to be profitable in the market.

  • Class four is review and practice. At this point in the course we work on building your confidence as a trader. We begin to tweak your overall strategy development, and practice paper trading so that you can see the process working in your favor. If needed, help you open up your own brokerage account. And Lastly review any points from weeks one through three that you may have struggled with.

      Through this entire course you will receive study guides for each corresponding week along with homework that is intended to be used as a reference point for any questions you may have for the following lessons.